Thursday, May 12, 2011

BEA Mobile = Amazing

Oh my goodness, I’ve just discovered the most amazing thing ever (at least I think so)!

First of all, I’m freaking out about BEA in less than two weeks; even more so because I’m going all by myself. I’m staying with family (thankfully) but the thought of being alone in the city (and transferring flights in Detroit) is stressing me out.

But then I checked out BEA Mobile (on my phone since that's where it works... took me a few minutes to catch onto that. I blame the late hour.). Along with all the amazingness of BEA, it has a Frommer’s City Guide! Pairing that with BEA Mobile and my Google Map download application I think I’m going to be ready to conquer NYC... or at least attempt to.

I’m slowly but surely getting everything ready to pack, I have lists galore to refer to, and I have a vague schedule for my week in the city. Now all I have to worry about is where I’m going to eat my meals and how to best spend my time loose in the Big Apple!

Let me know if you're going to be there too. I can't wait to meet everyone that I can!

On a side note, can someone from the States tell me if it’s true that you can’t buy Smarties chocolate candies there?

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