Monday, May 23, 2011

NYC and BEA Day Two

Day Two you broke me. Well, my back and legs anyway. But it was worth every amazing minute and I had the most amazing day!

I found my train, and I got to the convention center in one piece all the while having a great conversation with some lovely women. Once at the convention centre, I was able to find the right booth, get my press pass, and take in the atmosphere of Javits. Let me tell you, it was chaotic and the expo hasn’t even fully started. I was so lost and I had no clue what was going on... so I walked up to the metro station and took the train to the Broadway stop.

I then spent an hour (or more) at The Strand and bought way too many amazing books – which I will share later on in the week. Luckily, there was a post office close by, so I was able to send off the majority of them in one of the flat-rate boxes. I officially am in absolute love with The Strand. I found books in hardcover that I’ve wanted for a while and so many other amazing books for great prices. I do believe that I’m going to have to go back later in the week.

This left just enough time for a manicure, a walk down Broadway, popping into Best Buy, and a stop for a hotdog before I had to turn and find the Mulberry St. Public Library for the Teen Author Carnival.

Oh my god I had an amazing time at TAC. I got a bag of amazing books, got to meet the most phenomenal authors, and met some great people. But by the end of it all, my feet ached, my legs hurt, and all I wanted to do was shower and sleep.

I cannot wait until tomorrow when the expo opens and I get to meet more people (and get some more amazing books)!

On a side note, blogger draft isn't letting me write any posts. I hope it's just this internet connection and not blogger itself. Is anyone else having this problem?


Mystica said...

Glad you are having such a glorious time. Awaiting the books!

Keri said...

The Strand is VERY addictive. It is so easy to get wrapped up in all the books and go, "I want this and this and this..."

TAC was fantastic and it was great to meet and talk with you. I look forward to seeing you at BEA!